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We are the women who have pursued higher education and are professionally qualified. Domestic violence is a word with which we could hardly associate ourselves. We had read stories about this in news papers and wondered how it would feel like to be treated like this at the hands of your loved ones.

But our worst nightmare came true and we ourselves ended up being victims of domestic violence. It made us get an insight into the actual situation of women in our society. Where victims are themselves are treated as the culprit. We now relate to the kind of social, financial and emotional trauma which is faced by the women who are victims of domestic abuse. At the same time we now know constant struggle of being a single women in our society. We have come together to help other victims to cope up, with this trauma and help them mooveonn for a bright future for themselves and their loved ones, and be physically, emotionally and financially independent.

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Date March 8, 2016 Categories Author devadmin
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